Shutters work well in all types of property from period to modern. Coming in a range of colours and styles make them stylish and versatile. Available in different wood types , all beautifully crafted to suit a variety of needs and budgets with a choice of five shutter styles and stained or painted finishes.

Shutters are extremely practical, low maintenance and durable which makes them an excellent investment choice for your home. They are a great way to control the light by either letting it flood in or blocking it out completely. Shutters can help retain heat and act as a barrier for reducing noise. Visually very appealing and can make a home more saleable. Perfect for allergy sufferers because as long as they re dusted regularly, they won't harbour a dynasty of dust mites.

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Stylish      Natural      Durable      Versatile      

Customise your Shutter

Bay windows are a lovely feature but can be awkward to dress. Shutters are a great solution as they fit snugly into the recesses and give a fabulous uncluttered, sleek look that really draws attention to the window.

Shutters can be made to perfectly fit almost any form, from arched to hexagonal or circular to triangle and more or less anything in between!

Our AT-Home service means the window will be expertly measured by one of our advisors and fitted, completely free of charge.


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